It's finished! I'm working on socks again. They are so simple yet so effective. 
Knitting on the train in Sydney.  This is the second sleeve of an aran sweater for my nephew.  It's made from Sublime.

This is my latest little project appropriate for the season; they are wrist warmers (as opposed to fingerless gloves) because it's winter in New Zealand. This is definitely a good project to use up the left over sock wool or new hand dyed merino like this one. This yarn is by Knitsch, a New Zealand yarn company in Lower Hutt. I found it at Knit World in Henderson, Auckland.

For lacey wrist warmers:  I cast on 56 sts on 4  2.75mm dpns, joined to knit in a  round, used a two-row repeat lace pattern and straight stocking knit for 30 rows. Finally, I worked a 2×2 rib for 5 rows on 2.5 dpns. Cast off in pattern and wear them to keep your wrists and palms warm while knitting!  Tip:  Use 8 place markers to remind you when to repeat.  The lace pattern is really simple so if you’ve never tried lace, give this one a try!  Next time I’ll make fingerless gloves.
Lace Pattern:
Round 1: (k1, yo, k1 k2tog, p1, ssk, k1, yo) Repeat 7 times.
Round 2: k4, p1, k3 (Repeat 7 times)