September 3, 2011

Blogging for Bliss

It's a quiet Saturday morning; the boys have left for soccer after an hour of housekeeping. I'm sitting with my coffee reflecting on my week. I've been knitting in class again; a new summer cotton top for myself. It was hit and miss whether I bought enough yarn but it seems that I have. I'm using the skinny dyed cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca from South Seas Knitting. I'm using a pattern by the same; a sleeveless wrap that ties with a ribbon.

I'm also finishing up the angora shawl that I showed you about a month ago.  I had a gentle reminder from a knitting friend that I should finish it before the Spring. Well, it's Spring in NZ but Fall in Canada. Perhaps it will become a Christmas gift.  The weather never dictates my knitting because I live in a virtual world where the temperature is always perfect for any yarn to be knit!

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