July 24, 2011

The Winter Holidays

We're on winter break here in New Zealand. It's delightful to have time to knit, time to cook, and time to think again! I'm cozy, knitting a shawl, under a crocheted blanket that I found years ago in an antique store. It is a beautifully hand made wool throw.  This shawl pattern is really weird. Can you see the way the pattern is not symmetrical?  The stripes go straight up and down on the right, but angular on the left? I don't know whether to keep going or not? Any thoughts?

Naturally Sensation Yarn 70% merino/30% angora


Karen at Struan Farm said...

It's interesting, I really LOVE the color!

Nicky said...

Keep going !!
Looking forward to seeing you wearing it really soon :)