January 8, 2011

Project, people, or paper?

Are you a project person?  My friends might think I am, considering all the things I have on the go.  Crafts are only the start.  I have started my degree three times and abondoned it to travel overseas.  I have so many ideas for projects.  For example, I bought a 4 drawer chest of drawers 5 years ago with the intention to shabby chic it and put it in the spare bedroom. I just listed it on trademe. Now, I'm thinking I should have painted it.  The sale fell through because the people thought it should be in better nick. Better nick for an antique Queen Anne style piece of furniture with dove tail drawers and a few scratches on the top.  Perhaps I'll do it; I've got nothing to lose.  Dreaming about these projects is sometimes good enough for me.  I have friends who say that if they dream it, they do it.  I remember telling Abigail that I wanted to paint the wall unit black or white.  She said that she would have done it a long time ago.  She's right. I should have.

I might be more of a people person, though? People pleaser, actually. I am happiest when I am around people and doing projects together.  Ask Suzanne and Karen.  That makes me a combination of a project and a people person. 

My husband, on the other hand, is a paper person. Computers and books! He is happiest when he has his nose buried in a book. I think my children are both the same. How boring!

So what are you? PROJECT, PEOPLE, or PAPER?

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thats me.