February 24, 2011

Everyone needs a Patron Saint of Knitting

I am so thankful for knitting saints who clean out their stash and pass on yarn they no longer need.  I think they might like to remain anonymous so I will just say "Thank you!" (you know who you are).  This project is dedicated to the Knitting Saints!

I read this little saying on a blog, "I sketch, I swatch, I rip." I've just designed a sweater for myself on a bit of paper and this saying sums it up.  I was going to add the word "measure" but swatching is measuring.  Many people skip the  step where you do a guage but I am convinced that it's the most important step in most of my knitting projects.  My sweater is going to be fabulous!  I'm using alpaca tweed yarn, a 4.5mm circular needle, a piece of knitter's graph paper (from southseasknitting.com), and a tape measure. It's called Highlander - 45% baby alpaca / 45% merino wool / 8% microfiber / 2% viscose.  The colour is plum with an oatmeal coloured fleck.  Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Nicky said...

A beautiful choice of color.
Can't wait to see it finished !