February 21, 2011

Vintage Cardigan

My dear friend, Billie...You are so hip and gorgeous!
Here is Billie wearing a vintage cardigan that she picked up in Akaroa, New Zealand (near Christchurch). I love the design, the colour, the pattern of the lace. It's hand made and looks beautiful.


.Homemakers Tales said...

Hi Marilyn and Billie .. good to hear from you i truly enjoy your blog Marilyn my blog has been neglected have had some family trauma and haven't had much to say but will any time soon .... i had no idea that you knew my friend Billie what a small world we live in !! a nice surprise on a et Monday morning .
How your hair has grown since i last saw you and love the cardi on you ..
Lotsalove Kieren xx

Karen at Struan Farm said...

beautiful sweater and beautiful model! How did you convince her to cooperate?

Nicky said...

Thats so lovely.!

martha said...

oh my gosh i nearly didn't recognise mum....loving the hair!
hope your ok marilyn?