November 11, 2010


I invited two friends over to do a trial run on a dessert for the Ladies' Designer Dessert & Decor evening.  Since none of us have ever tried this dessert before, we had to try different methods to stick or stack the profiteroles (choux pastry) to make a cone shape.  After googling "croquembouche" images, I was a little intimidated by the sheer grandeur of the dessert so I decided that a trial would help us avoid any pitfalls on the day.  Here is our first effort with 4 batches of profiteroles.  We learned that royal icing and whipping cream don't mix! A paper mache cone is not the best.  Spotlight had sold out of poly styrene cones so I had to improvise by ripping the wings off of an angel!  I think toothpicks is better than royal icing and Bakels chocolate truffle is the perfect drizzle.

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