November 15, 2010

Designer Desserts and Decor

Christine and Karen
Hmmm... needs more decorations...
Susi holding "Christmas Lilies"
It was a fabulous night!  I got a few pictures before and after the event but I forgot to take pictures during the evening!  We had a lot of fun and met some old and new friends. Thanks to Sandee, we made Christmas gift tags and watched a box demonstration.  The desserts were delicious and one person wrote that the handsome young men and women waiting on her were wonderful (the two on the left are my boys).  I will unveil some of the pictures of the crafts as the pictures are sent to me. There was a huge feather wreath, chalk boards with french words, candles and fresh flowers.  It's almost summer here so the snowflakes and snowmen don't work the same for Christmas decorations but one interesting thing I discovered was that New Zealanders call the "Easter" Lily, a "Christmas" Lily.  We had over 80 women there. Five were working very hard in the hot kitchen, serving desserts!   Karen did a wonderful job as MC and did double duty on the Chocolate Fountain table where fruit, cake, marshmallows and chocolate were a plenty. The speakers each shared their recent experiences, two went overseas and one message about "hope" was truly encouraging. Thank you, Suzanne, Jess, and Lorraine for your stories and messages of Love, Hope and Peace.
Thank you to everyone for making such a fun and heartwarming evening. 
Karen decorated these letters.
Ben, Nick, Matthew, Hannah, Genna, Katrina
Before it began


Nicky said...

It sounds like a fabulous night. I am sorry I missed it.

Karen said...

Sounds like a lovely evening! Can't wait to see the chocolate fountain....