January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never been good at making New Year's resolutions.  But this year, I'm going to make a list of goals.  Everyone has a different approach to New Year's and most people I ask don't bother. My friend at Struan Farm has a good idea; to make a list as opposed to one resolution to stop eating. Ha!

OK, here goes my list of goals:
1) This is a given, to spend more time with my family; especially my mom!
2) To be a better listener.  My husband will appreciate that one!
3) This will give you an idea of how much I hate to exercise - to walk more.
4) To eat out less; especially avoiding fast food/takeaways.
5) To finish my diploma in 2011.
6) To work less - much less by becoming more efficient with my time.
7) To give more time to society and the community.  This is my biggest challenge.
8) To remember birthdays and send more cards, especially to family and friends in Canada.
9) To redecorate my bedroom and make myself a french country quilt!
10 To knit a LOT more and finish what I start!

1 comment:

Nicky said...

You do inspire me.

I have made a list..now I just need to try and stick to it :)