February 9, 2011

La Belle France!

It's a wonder I haven't blogged about french interiors.  I'm in love with the French Provincial style and have so many great ideas for my home decor.  I have the ideas but putting into action is the hard part.  The magazines, blogs, and books are so gorgeous!  It's a really big idea to try to get that look from the furniture and objects that I've got.  Some of the items that I would need.  This picture is the dream.

List of objets francais:

1.  white linen tablecloth
2.  white candles in bell shaped glass
3.  wrought iron wall hangings
4.  a very large key
5.  white mirrors
6.  blackboards
7.  antiques
8.  perfume bottles
9.  baskets
10. urns
11. old prints
12. white china
13. plaster sculptures/busts
14. wall sconce


Cheryl said...

Inspiring! I love this look too. I am going to look out for a white linen table cloth and a key. I love that idea. I have an old mirror that just might work. Should it be framed?

Anonymous said...