February 5, 2011

When someone gives you jam...

You make scones!  Thank you, Karen, for the beautiful blueberry and strawberry jam.  See Karen's recipes and dreamy farm happenings at the Struan Farm blog.
It feels like it's 40 degrees here. The humidity is about 100% and we're dripping.  I've made pumpkin soup and I'm about to make pumpkin pie but I've been told that it's still summer! I don't think anyone feels like pumpkin soup for lunch.  It's still delicious.

Musical vegetables!

Vegetables playing music
Embroidered tea towels

I have been photographing some vintage things from my cupboards.  I'm not a hoarder but I can't throw away anything homemade.  These are some embroidered tea towels that my husband's grandma made.  She was a Canadian born Russian.  Her heritage is quite interesting as it involves famous Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy who paid for the Doukhobors to travel to Canada in 1899. Some went to Saskatchewan and some to British Columbia. Tolstoy had similar ideas as the Doukhobors about laying down arms and living peacefully. You can read more about this on this website.

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