March 2, 2011

Twitter and Facebook and Social Media

It's final. I'm on twitter! I've tweeted. I'm with it and I tweet. I couldn't hold out any longer. I blame it on my studies and curiosity and whatever else I can point to.  How do I feel, you ask?  I feel hip, cool, young, and in the know.

It was the classroom exercise where the teacher put a whole bunch of social media words on the white board (facebook, bebo, twitter, blog, rss, web 2.0, etc.) and said to make a line placing yourselves at one end of the room if you use these on a regular basis (daily, hourly) and at the other if you have no idea what I'm talking about. eh?

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There were over half of us jumbled together in the middle of the room not standing in a line. Two young girls (by young I mean under 25) at one end of the room and all the over 60's at the other. I, being 41, stood in the jumbled group who were not admitting to using facebook regularly.  I actually blog more than I facebook which doesn't say a lot. So we all had a laugh and learned about using social media for advocacy work.  It was a lot of fun and I'm still young and hip no matter how much I knit, sew, quilt and create!  This photo of a card is what I might have made tonight had I not been signing up to twitter.


Karen at Struan Farm said...

You go girl, then teach me! Not sure about Twitter, but Facebook ads for sure.....

Nicky said...

I always knew you were cool..hip..fantastic..creative..and definatly young.!!