March 22, 2011

Artist and friend

Landscape by Billie Mallet (ignore the shadow on the left side)
This post is of my English friend, Billie Mallet.  She left for Vancouver the other day today so I thought I would capture some of her paintings before she left.  She comes to NZ every year, escaping the winter months in Devon.

When asked what she enjoyed most about her trip this year, she said, "I enjoy the feeling of coming home and meeting up with friends who have become more than acquaintances. I've enjoyed discovering the landscape. The biggest thing as far as my work is concerned; I really think I need to paint from reality because there's a vibrancy and directness that comes when you paint from life rather than photos, as photographs make your choices for you."
It's always wonderful seeing Billie's inspiration from NZ landscape and people.  Billie started painting when she was young and went to West Surrey School of Art & Design in Farnham, before she was married.

You can see other images of Billie's paintings on her website here.

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Karen said...

Marilyn, I love her work! Can I contact her to see if she come stay at the farm and possibly paint a landscape for us?