March 5, 2011

The Big Day Out

Well, it's been a good day.  I picked up a new piece of furniture today from Hamilton.  It's a Victorian Chiffonier circa 1865.  I bought it to replace a wardrobe that I regrettably sold during the summer.  I had an empty place in my kitchen/dining area that just needed to be filled again.  I will photograph it in situ when I have some better light.  It doesn't match my house exactly, but it matches my style which evolves because I have acquired furniture that does not really reflect who I am. But as I opened my drawers and cupboards to fill the shelves and the drawer (with crystal knobs!), I realized that it was the perfect style choice for me. I filled it with my linens, silver, and china and placed my three best pieces of china on the top. Tell me what you think?  The rest of my big day out was spent at Nosh Food Market in Hamilton and Grandmother's Garden.  Both very good places to be on a rainy Saturday in March.

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Karen from Struan Farm said...

It's beautiful!