March 21, 2011

Inspiration from the internet


1)  I found these vintage bracelets made from silver spoons!  This is such a good idea for anyone who has their Grandma's flatware but never entertains.  Get out the silver and turn it into something useful! Or purchase one already made from this Etsy shop.

2) Embroidered vintage linen is another of my favorite things. I love this blog post from Struan Farm.

3) Have you ever bought anything from an etsy shop?  My first purchase was from a NZ designer.  Here is a beautiful embroidered bird on vintage linen.  Agnes Coy is one of my favorite shops!

3) I also found this simple embroidered design gift set. The blog is really beautiful and has quilting blocks of the month (BOM)  and cooking and other creative temptations!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I had a cuff bracelet made from a vintage spoon as a teenager, this brings me back! Beautiful.