March 28, 2011

Quick update since I've been so slack!

Slippers made by Elizabeth Todd.

I have been a bit slack with my blogging lately.  I've been tied up with all sorts of odd ball creations.  I know that I'm schizo when it comes to crafts but I'm actually quilting again so my niece's quilt is getting finished.  I've been collecting fabrics for my next quilt project which is very exciting.  

Today, I thought I would tell you about a present that my sister sent me.  It was goodies for my knitting personality (a reference to my schizo state of mind these days).  Thanks, Cheryl, for the great gift! I can see socks, mittens, or maybe a pair of slippers? What can I make with two skeins of my favorite Koigu KPPPM?  That's a tube of lipstick called "Sexy mother Pucker." (Yes, I spelled it correctly and it's hard to actually type that!) And last but not least, a fabulous magazine called "A Needle Pulling Thread" because she knows how much I love my magazines! Do you see the iPhone cover and the fabulous knitted dishcloth? You're awesome!

Another thing I've been doing lately is scouring the site for furniture. I came accross this gorgeous table for my craft room.  It needs a little TLC but I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Omgoodness Marilyn we sooo have the same taste in furniture. Suez

See you soon! xx