October 14, 2010

The Market Bag

I started this gorgeous market bag, over the weekend, at a knitting retreat at Struan Farm.  Karen was our hostess and chief knitter.  The goody bag this year was a market bag from L'Atelier in L.A.  I knitted the body over the course of the weekend and brought it home to be lined and finished.  Amongst my stash of quilting fabrics, I found the perfect fabric for the inside top band.  Check out the purple suede handles!  Thank you, Karen, for an inspiring weekend.


Karen said...

It looks fantastic, can't wait to make mine! I am going to send the link to Karen at L'Atelier too.

Cheryl Abbot said...

Gorgeous! How big is it? It's hard to tell but I would expect a market bag to be a little on the bigger side. What's the yardage on the yarn? And what did you use? I have some Silk Ribbon yarn that needs a project. It is currently half a scarf but I don't know if I like it. LMK.