October 20, 2010


As a creative person, I am easily distracted (inspired) by new crafts that I see in magazines, at markets, online, or from friends.  I have a common problem amongst crafty people; a lot of UFO's lurking in closets, baskets, drawers, and under beds!  A UFO is an "unfinished project or object."  I often knit the body and then put it down to start a new project.  With my new blog, I've been challenged to finish some of these UFO's because when finished, I can post a blog about my achievement!

1) Here is one sweater I am quite keen to finish...It was started at a workshop at South Seas Knitting.  I wanted to make lace sleeves because it's a light weight sweater made from a beautiful Koigu yarn that should not be wasted.  It would make great socks if I wanted to frog it but I have an awful lot of it.

2) Another sweater I started for my son a year ago was this Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino. It has a simple cable up the front and I plan to put a cable up the sleeves.  I just need to figure out how to finish the v-neck and then make the sleeves.  It might fit my nephew, Silas!  Too small for my kids now. 
3) Here's a small wall quilt that I started in Australia 6 years ago! Hmm.... It just needs some embroidery and the binding.  I really have no excuse for not finishing it.

I should count up all my UFO's and not start anything new until I finish two old projects.  That way the number should go down over time!  How many UFO's do you have?  What do you do to motivate yourself to finish something? 

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Nicky said...

You have some lovely projects on the needles.
I'm happy to help with the V Neck if needed :)