October 31, 2010

Knitting forever, housework whenever!

This was the motto from my favourite West Vancouver knitting shop, Knit & Stitch.  I haven't been there since I moved to New Zealand 6 years ago. It was my most inspirational place to be. When my kids were little they used to help put away stray balls of yarn and organize the shelves while I sat on the couch with the other knitters and learned to knit. They catered to all skill levels and had plenty of wonderful projects on the walls. Best of all, I belonged and was welcome. I was always inspired, I learned and I grew.

A lovely baby set by Cathy B.
We all need a place like that. Today, I went to the Botanical Gardens to meet my knitting friends for our monthly coffee. It reminded me of Knit & Stitch. We laughed and talked all at once and, yes, we knitted. Passersby stop and ask us what we are about. We have coffee or smoothies and dream about winning the Lotto so we can buy a knitting shop or have a standing order with our favorite knitting store so we can knit forever. 
Hand dyed yarn by Nicky. Hand knitted hangers by Mandy.

I pulled out UFO #2 and obeyed my trusted friend, Nicky, who suggested I frog (that's "ribbit" or "rip") the front to just above the armhole to begin the v-neck. It's great having someone you can trust sitting beside you when you are frogging that beautiful cable sweater that's been hiding away in your knitting bag.  Since my confession of my UFO's to the world, I challenged my mother to reveal hers. You see, I come by it honestly.  I told her that I would post another 4 UFO's just as soon as she lists 4 of hers on Ravelry. If I want to reduce my UFO list, I just frog. It's simple and no one gets hurt.

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