December 7, 2010

Christmas Update

It's 18 days until Christmas!  I've been crafting up a storm and visiting new babies who have given me great reasons to knit!  Take a look at this knitted hat I made for Anna Hardy who is 3 weeks old.  So adorable!  This family was the first to welcome us to NZ back in the days when we lived in Omokoroa.  It was Fran and Jerome who welcomed us into their home when we were orphans at Christmas, and it was Paul, Maria, and Sam who played on the beach with my boys, had picnics and strolls at Mt. Maunganui, and who ultimately shared in the joy of homeschooling with us.  Thank you, Fran and Jerome, for your friendship and memories. It's good to grow with you and celebrate special times like the births of your new babies. Welcome, Anna! 

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