December 23, 2010

5 Days until Christmas....2 days....

What do you do with the last few days before Christmas?  I'm planning the time so I can finish my gifts in time.  It feels like cramming for an exam!  This is my list.

1) Suri Merino vest for my nephew
2) Gift basket for my dad & his wife
3) Socks for dad
4) Quilt for niece
5) Fudge
6) Christmas sheep quilt
7) Bed slippers
8) Mocha Fruit Cake

That was my list 5 days ago! Haha!

I worked Monday to Wednesday but I did get the socks, fudge, fruit cake, and gift basket done.  I'll have to work on the vest and slippers tomorrow, Christmas Eve Day.

Check out the Chocolate Trifle I made for Fran and Jerome's new baby's Christening on the 12th December.  The recipe is basically from my head. It changes every time.  It's chocolate cake, jelly, frozen berries, chocolate mousse, whip cream and shaved chocolate. If I remember correctly?  Of course you can add sherry too.  I love to sprinkle skor bars on the top but we live in NZ and they don't have them here. Enjoy!

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