August 7, 2010

A Journey Through Craft

This is a new blog with a focus on my journey through quilting, knitting, cardmaking, stamping...

I have a wonderful group of quilting friends whom I journey with on Fridays.  We are working on a sampler quilt where blocks are all different and created from a variety of sources.  One magazine was the inspiration for this quilt and many books and advertisements gave me ideas for blocks, sashing, how to position the blocks, and borders.  This is a work in progress for which I will give tutorials along the journey to completion.

My friends' quilts are gorgeous creations. One is going to be a large vintage looking queen size quilt; another has turned out to be "orphan" blocks to be given away as a special gift.  I can't wait to see the all the finished products. There is so much to learn along the way. I hope you will join me through this blog.

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